Fossil Fuels

In the Caribbean as in most Third-World countries, the main method of energy production is still the internal combustion engine. Diesel generators provide the most inexpensive installation and reliable energy production method. 

Today's diesel engines are very fuel efficient and with proper maintenance and care provide very good online statistics. CaribNRG has been working with governments in the Caribbean to install new diesel generators for both replacement of old and expansion of new power stations.

As the economies of the Caribbean islands grow, so do their power needs. This can put a strain on the present power production and cause an inability for the power company to be able to handle timely maintenance programs. Which, in turn, can lead to mechanical breakdown. 

In situations where the power demand is more than the power company can supply, CaribNRG has developed a fast install method using it's enclosure concept to help clients to speedily install new power and increase the overall supply to handle the demand of its' clients.

The sub pages under this section will show examples of the speedy installation programs we design, develop, engineer and construct. We are working on the information for these so please come back and check soon.