CaribNRG Limited provides the following types of services throughout the Caribbean and South America.

  1. DESIGN - Conceptual to final design of a project site with careful involvement of client input to ensure final design meets the requirements of the site.
  2. ENGINEERING - Basic and detailed engineering services are available for both a full project undertaken by CaribNRG and as a separate service if a client only needs engineering with quality inspection management.
  3. INSTALLATION - Providing qualified teams for installing equipment under our design and engineering services. We are also able to provide teams to handle installations for designs and engineering provided by others.
  4. COMMISSIONING - We ensure that qualified commissioning engineers are provided for to bring proper testing and completion of equipment installed by CaribNRG.
  5. RETROFIT - CaribNRG has the facility to customize site installations to suit a clients specific needs and find solutions that will allow for equipment to be retrofitted to a site that will create a seamless installation.